Mel Marquis

Mel Marquis

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Mel Marquis is a part-time Professor of Law at the European University Institute in Florence, and Professore a contratto at LUMSA University of Rome. He has worked as a practicing lawyer in the United States and in Belgium. He has Ph.D and LL.M degrees in European Union, international and comparative law. He has a juris doctor (J.D.) degree and graduated magna cum laude from a US law school, and has a bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in political science. He is Co-Director of the EU Competition Law and Policy Workshop at the European University Institute, Co-Director of the Rome Antitrust Forum, and Series Editor of the European Competition Law Annual (Hart Publishing). He has been a Fulbright scholar and has held several post-doctorate positions. His research interests include European integration studies and EU law, comparative and international competition policy and governance, and international economic law. Most of his publications relate to competition policy. Recent works focus on, inter alia, competition law issues in Japan and China.

Website : European University Institute (Florence)

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